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Određen forumom Intel roadmap up to 2017

Intel roadmap up to 2017 in the wild

We have acquired a piece of gold, a roadmap for Intel's coming microarchitectures up until 2017. It looks like the Tick-Tock strategy will continue, which was expected, but as you might have noticed Intel hasn't quite managed to keep up with the high paced schedule, although it is still leading the market.

Intel is leading the x86 market and when we look at its manufacturing technologies it is going into 22nm next year, while the rest is still migrating to 28/32nm. What we have today is a roadmap for Intel's server processors of the Xeon series that is traditionally one year behind the desktop and mobile processors.

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Intel is about to introduce Sandy Bridge for servers, which in 2012 will be followed by Ivy Bridge that is basically the same architecture at 22nm and more cores.

During the first half of 2014 Intel is planning to release Haswell that will be the next big architecture update from Intel with new instructions like AVX2. Haswell was first intended to house a graphics circuit based on the now scrapped "Larrabee", but Intel still claims to have an ace up its sleeve, as it has promised that you will not need a discrete graphics card with Haswell in notebooks.

After Haswell we have Rockwell at 14nm that will largely use the same architecture as Haswell, but once again with more cores and functions, and is slated for the second half of 2015. We still know very little about Haswell and less about Rockwell, the only thing we can say is that we will see more instructions, powerful graphics and stronger cores.

Last but not least we two whole new code names. Skylake will appear in the second half of 2016 built on 14nm and a new architecture from Intel. Skymont comes in the true Tick-Tock spirit be based on Skylake but use 10nm technology, and will be released in the second half of 2017. We know what's coming after Skymont and what may come after 2018 is so far into the future perhaps not even Intel knows for sure what to expect.

Those who are not interested in servers we can add that Intel usually releases the server platforms one year after the retail products. With all the years above you can simply deduct 1 year to get the approximate launch of the retail products.
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Određen forumom Re: Intel roadmap up to 2017

Ivy Bridge će imati podesiv base clock i podršku za DDR3-2133 memoriju

Intel seems to have taken some of the criticism about Sandy Bridge limited base clock to heart, at least if we're to believe some rumours that have started to circulate online. In fact, we heard something similar ourselves from the horse's mouth so to say, but the person we spoke to wasn't overly specific as to what was going to change with regards to Ivy Bridge, but when you add one and one together, it all makes sense.
A blog called Flyingsuicide posted a story on Thursday stating that Intel will add adjustable base clock to Ivy Bridge and although that in itself is great news, it turns out that the company decided to muck around with things, instead of going back to the way its Lynnfield based processors worked. We'd guess that this is down to the fact that Ivy Bridge is so similar to Sandy Bridge that Intel couldn't just drop the internal PLL and its tie-in with the clock generator in the chipset.
Instead Intel has gone back to the dark ages of overclocking, well, ok that's not quite true, but near enough. If you've been hanging around computers for a decade or two you might remember that way back when there used to be a limited number of bus clock settings on a motherboard and this is apparently what Intel is going back to. As such we can expect a standard base clock of 100MHz that is said to have a "fine-tuning range" of +/-5MHz. It's not know what other base clocks Intel will implement, but a qualified guess would suggest that we're looking at 133 and 166MHz at least, but we'd also expect a few options in-between.
The Intel person we spoke to a couple of weeks ago made some suggestions with regards to changes to how Ivy Bridge will overclock, but refused to go into any kind of details and just said that we'd have to wait for the platform to launch. He also said that integrating the clock generator into the chipset was a mistake on Intel's behalf, although as Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge are platform compatible, it seems like Intel was unable to move on from the "mistake" to something better and as such we'll end up with an interim solution. One unanswered question is if a Sandy Bridge CPU in a 7-series chipset motherboard will be able to take advantage of this as well, as at least in theory, it should work.
In related news the same blog is reporting that Ivy Bridge will have official memory support for DDR3 2133MHz modules or PC3-17000 as they're also known as. As DDR3 2133MHz modules are now approved by JEDEC, there was no reason for Intel to not to implement support for faster memory. The only downside is yet higher latencies with standard DDR3 2133MHz modules having a latency of 12 or 13. Then again, the transfer rate is up by 4266MB/s compared to DDR3 1600MHz memory and the cycle time is down from 5ns to 3 3⁄4ns which should help to counter effect the increased latency.
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