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Stara 10.6.2014, 13:29   #1
James Vega
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Nova igra od Kamiye i ekipe, samo za Xbox One!
This is Hideki Kamiya, creative director at PlatinumGames.

The day has finally come that I can announce my new project to everyone.
I’ve created many original titles over the course of my career. Now I have a great opportunity to launch a new project with a new partner, and I’m excited to bring you a brand new game experience once again.
The focus of my new game is the gigantic beast that reigns over the fantasy genre: the dragon. Dragons have a unique power to capture the imagination, and I’ve loved dragons since I was a child. I’ve always wished that I could create a game featuring this magnificent creature; now the time has come for me to realize my dream.

I can’t share many details about the game yet, but rest assured that the development team and I are working around the clock so that we can show you more as soon as possible. For now, I ask that you let your imagination run wild while you wait.
I promise dragon fans around the world: this game will not disappoint. See you soon,

Hideki Kamiya
Director, Scalebound
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Stara 9.1.2017, 21:20   #2
V.I.P. Test Play
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