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Stara 19.1.2010, 13:13   #1
Deo inventara foruma
Avatar korisnika Chivan
Član od: 31.8.2005.
Lokacija: potpuno dislocirana
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Određen forumom Content 360 Challenge na MIPTV 2010. (finale u Kanu, Francuska, 12-16 April)

EUROPRIX Partner Information:

Attention all digital daredevils!

Compete in the 5th Annual "Content 360 Challenge" at MIPTV 2010.

The most anticipated cross-media pitching challenge of the new decade has begun accepting entries for new ideas and techniques to engage audiences across digital platforms.

Finalists including independent producers, interactive agencies and digital designers will be invited to Cannes, France (12-16 April) to pitch ideas LIVE to major international networks, including the BBC, TF1, KCC, NFB, and the European Commission.

This rapid-fire competition sets the creative pulse for the Content 360 Festival, part of MIPTV’s all-new MIPDigital event programme.


CONTENT 360 Category - "Next Generation Audience Engagement"
A creative challenge for new talent, companies or freelancers, with truly
new and unique application or content ideas with mass potential to attract
and engage audiences.


EUROPEAN COMMISSION CATEGORY - "Creating short video combining
user-generated and EU online archives content" The clip should be produced
for the internet and also suitable to be disseminated via mobile devices
and shared on social networks. The winner will receive an amount of
€10,000 prize.


KOREA COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (KCC) CATEGORY - "Engaging with children through the use of Connected TV". Best educational content or service idea to engage with children through Wed TV, DMB and IPTV including any kind of connected TV.


NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA (NFB) CATEGORY - "Next Generation Online Video Experience" The National Film Board of Canada is on the lookout for the best and brightest to push the online video experience to a whole new level and imagine the next "killer feature" for the website.

TF1 PUBLICITÉ CATEGORY - "New Advertising formats" TF1 Publicité is looking for new advertising formats and/or cross media techniques to complement TV campaigns (TV commercials, billboards or short form programs) in order to maximize the efficiency of traditional TV advertising methods.


Since its launch 4 years ago, the Content 360 Challenge has attracted over 1400 new ideas from 42 countries and awarded €400,000 in development funding.


For more information on Content 360 | MIPTV Cross Media Challenge:

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