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Upravljačke simulacije Menadžeri, tycooni, "mali bogovi" i slično...

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Stara 9.5.2018, 11:15   #81
Sava Stankovic
Član od: 1.10.2013.
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Određen forumom Re: Frostpunk

I ja sam malo razocaran, planirao sam da kupim Battletech ili Frostpunk, odlucio da kupim ovo i mislim da sam pogresio. Dao sam igri pozitivan review na steamu zato sto mi je u pocetku igra bas legla! Medjutim, i pored odlicnog art style, dobrog UI-a i svih vrlina koje igra ima, jednostavno nakon 10tak sati igranja, vise nemam zelju da upalim igru...
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Stara 31.5.2018, 19:01   #82
über alles
Avatar korisnika DeCoy
Član od: 1.11.2005.
Lokacija: From the murky depths I come...
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Određen forumom Re: Frostpunk

Roadmap za 2018-u, svi dodaci će biti besplatni...

Spoiler za slika:

1. Survivor - NEW MODE!
Survivor update is bringing a brand new challange for those of you who have mastered the surviving techniques - even on the hardest difficulty setting. This mode will unlock some new, special modifiers that should make you sweat - even though it's -120℃ out there! It's our first big update and we plan to roll it out in June!

2. People & Automatons - Basic Customization Options.
You asked us if we can give you some naming options for your citizens and automatons - and that's exactly what we are doing. Oh, and we hope we can bring even more customization options in the future - but you gotta start somewhere, right?

3. The Builders - NEW SCENARIO!
This is the most substantial update for 2018. A brand new scenario, with its own story and challenge. We won't spoil anything at all at the moment - but let's just say you should stay excited.

4. Endurance - NEW GAME MODE!
One of the major requests from you was to implement some kind of endless or sandbox mode. Endurance Game Mode is our response to your needs. But as you can expect from us - it's gonna be our distinctive take on this feature.

5. Winter Snapshots - Update.
Let's admit it - Frostpunk looks good. And we want you to be able to capture its beauty with more precise tools. That's why we plan to introduce a special photo/screenshot tool so you can snap some icy, intense pics of New London. We've also prepared a special surprise for this update - but we're not spoiling that, either.
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Miki1987 (6.6.2018)
Stara 31.5.2018, 20:26   #83
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Određen forumom Re: Frostpunk

Tako se to radi, bravo za developere.
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Stara 19.6.2018, 16:39   #84
über alles
Avatar korisnika DeCoy
Član od: 1.11.2005.
Lokacija: From the murky depths I come...
Poruke: 22.596
Zahvalnice: 1.311
Zahvaljeno 7.969 puta na 5.015 poruka
Određen forumom Re: Frostpunk

Stigao prvi veliki update (1.1GB) i sa njim sandbox, tj. survival mode

New features:

Added Survivor Mode!
Added new achievements for Survivor Mode
Added Ansel SDK integration (more about it below)
Added quick save/load - default F5 and F9

Smaller changes and balancing:

Constructed streets now more easily connect to already existing street net
Rebalanced amount of starting resources and resources on frostland for Refugees and The Arks scenarios in easy and hard difficulty setting.
Hunters will now have to rest for a few hours after coming back from the hunt. It will no longer be possible to send them to other work immediately.
Added blocking other panels by in-game menu
Changed extraction rate value for all pickable resources - replaced potential value with all employees by actual value based on efficiency
It is now possible to bind keyboard shortcuts to “Fast speed” and “Very fast speed” commands
Increased precision of the gathered Steam Cores amount to 2 digits after comma
Added emergency shift trackers to pickable resources


Fixed conditions for Saviour and Iron Saviour achievements
Fixed certain endlog variations that didn’t display properly when Cannibalism law was passed
Fixed overlapping trackers on frostland (sites, expeditions, transports, survivors)
Fixed missing recurring consequences of Emergency Shifts. Watch out when you exert your workforce!
Fixed showing tutorials after loading save
Fixed a bug causing snow caps to accumulate on buildings that were just built inside heat zone
Fixed scrollbars in all expedition building selection panels
Fixed some translations
Fixed many UI show/hide animations
Fixed closing notifications on pause
Enabled notifications visibility on Frostland
Fixed queuing unlocked resources on resource bar
Fixed texts serializations - all texts will be in current language, even after changing language in main menu and loading save
Fixed calculating average discontent for expeditions
Fixed states (selected, pressed) for many buttons in selection panel
Fixed current research description text on workshop selection panel
Fixed displaying prohibited citizen groups on population panel
Fixed disabled people outside care house count
Fixed two crashes that occurred in rare circumstances
Fixed a bug causing upgraded buildings to overlap adjacent streets
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Miki1987 (29.6.2018), nameless1 (19.6.2018), perablenta (19.6.2018), Vladimirus86 (19.6.2018)

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