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Izgleda da je nedavni masivni Twitch leak potvrdio da ce uskoro i Amazon uskociti u PC store front sa necim sto se zove Vapor i navodno ce biti big competitor Steam-u,.

This alleged competition to Steam from Amazon Game Studios is claimed to integrate many of Twitch.tv’s features, slotting them into a bespoke game store. The leak sprung from a 125GB torrent, with the entirety of Twitch’s source code

At first glance, it looks as though Vapor could feature game-specific support for titles such as Fortnite and PUBG. Other references in the leak lead to a possible test game known as ‘Vapeworld’, which appears to be made up of Unity assets and is probably just a storefront.
Amazon looking to compete all makes sense in a way, with Epic Games carving their own path a few years back. While an alternative game store such as Amazon Vapor may struggle to compete with Valve, they would certainly be able to grab quite a lot of the market over time, utilizing their Prime Gaming services, Twitch, and global recognition to put the squeeze on the likes of EGS.

Bice zanimljivo videti dali ce Amazon zapravo ulagati u sam store ili ce kao Epic da smandrlja EGS i onda da kupovinom time eskluziva privuce korisnike ili pak oslanjanjem na Twitch strimere.
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