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Ситница, 170 долара комплет + 30 долара испорука
Djordje Kadijevic, Serbia, 1973
65 mins | 1.33:1 | Color | Region Free
Serbian mono with optional English subtitles
HD master from Public Service Media Radio Television of Serbia

Based loosely on by Milovan Glišić’s classic 1880 Serbian vampire story After Ninety Years – which preceded Bram Stoker’s Dracula by nearly two decades – Djordje Kadijevic’s adaptation is a subversive, darkly erotic take on Glišić’s pastoral tale of a group of rural villagers beset upon by the infamous vampire Sava Savanovic, who has taken up residence in their local flour mill.
Special Features:
Radical Fairy Tales — Interview With Director Djordje Kadijevic
Plus bonus short films newly remastered in HD from archival film elements at Public Service Media Radio Television of Serbia:
Štićenik (Djordje Kadijevic,1973) (45 mins)
A terrified young man is being pursued by a mysterious man in black. He hides out in nearby mental hospital, but can he escape his fate?
Diary Of An Inmate (10 mins)
An interview with Štićenik actor Milan Mihailovic
Devičanska Svirka (Djordje Kadijevic,1973) (60 mins)
A man travelling through the countryside is drawn to a strange castle, which is reputed by the locals to be haunted. There he meets a beguiling young woman who ensnares him in her world of secrets.
Prisoner Of Song
An interview with Devičanska Svirka actor Goran Sultanovic
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