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Određen forumom Windows Firewall Control postao besplatan

Vidim da nije pomenuto na forumu , a i meni promače iako ga i sam koristim.
Da budem precizniji, radi se o bivšem BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control-u ,solidnom (čini mi se rumunskom) fw koji je prilično zastupljen.
Autor ga skoro prodade Malwarebytes-u , a ovi učiniše plezir poštovaocima pretvorivši ga u besplatnu aplikaciju.Ne govorim,dakle,o free-varijanti ograničenih mogućnosti koja je i ranije postojala,već o "full" varijanti programa koji je postao besplatan , ali (uvek postoji to "...ali..." ) ...
MB ne bi bio to što jeste (villain u nastajanju) da ovaj "besplatni program" nije lečka "obogatio" i pretvorio ga u još jedan iz "E.T. phone home !" kolekcije.Telemetrija , jašta.Neće oni,majke mi.Ako vam ne smeta (a koristite li Win10,očito vam neće smetati) , vi pređite na besplatnu najnoviju verziju vam smeta , ostanite na poslednjoj verziji originalnog autora (Alexandru Dicu).

Evo šta o svemu napisa sam autor :

"I am still against telemetry (a few posts ago I just described to you what data is collected, how it works and how to avoid it if this is really important to you), but you must understand some aspects. When I owned WFC, I didn't care about statistics because I had a full time job and I was developing WFC as a hobby in my spare time. If I wanted to make a new release, add a feature, fix a bug, it was my decision. I didn't care about business plans, statistics, advertisements, etc. I even allowed the registered users to activate WFC for unlimited times on unlimited PCs. Almost for free. It was my hobby, I worked on it whenever I wanted. Meanwhile I had a full time job to take care of my family. I also received a few donations which made me continue with the development over the years. Developing WFC and supporting it took me thousands of hours over the years. This is not as easy as it might appear.

Now, WFC is owned by a big company which has to pay salaries (including mine), offices rents, buy hardware, etc (as a single developer, I didn't have such problems). They have to make some business plans. They must know which products worth investing money and which products only consume money and don't return any revenue. You can't pay hundreds of developers by giving all for free. So, they made WFC free for everyone and in return they want to see if this was a good investment. They must decide if WFC will remain as a standalone product like AdwCleaner, if it will integrated in another product, if it will be rebranded, if it will abandoned, etc. How would you do this ? You collect some statistics data and make some decisions. Taking into consideration that WFC is now free, this is a fair deal.

This is the difference between a hobby and a business. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this and keep you all updated. I just thought it would be better if you hear how things are going on directly from me, not from some unverified sources that give their opinion. Next time I will keep the silence."


O detaljima ove nove varijante imate na ghacks-u :


Evo šta se sve (po rečima samog autora) šalje MB-u :

"Off the record:
The following data is sent once a day to Malwarebytes: program version, os version, os architecture (x64, x86), os language (english, german, etc), filesystem (ntfs, fat32), process run as administrator or not, computer is joined into a domain or not, machine id. No personal data is collected. These are used for statistics data to see how many users of WFC exist. Depending on the number of existing users, WFC will continue to receive new features or not. A reduced number of installations will probably stop the development of WFC, a large number will probably continue the development.

mbcut(32).dlls are used to generate a unique machine id based on os architecture. These are the same in any Malwarebytes products. Newtonsoft.Json.dll is used to create the JSON data which is sent to Malwarebytes servers.

Note: This data is sent if Windows Firewall has outbound filtering disabled (Low Filtering or No Filtering profile is used) or if there is an allow rule for wfc.exe and outbound filtering is enabled (Medium Filtering profile). In case it can't send the data if will fail silently without making nasty stuff. You can check this through Connections Log where all connections (allowed or blocked) are anyway logged. Keep in mind that if everyone will block this, it may lead to the decision of not investing anymore in WFC because there are not enough users to keep supporting it."

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