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Thumbs up FutureLost Cyberpunk RPG

Ovo je igra domacih autora, RPG sa cyberpunk tematikom. Igranje je besplatno, ali je trenutno samo na engleskom jeziku. Uskoro ce biti i na srpskom
Igra je jos uvek beta.

We are working for some time on BBG cyberpunk themed game FutureLost. Currently it is entering open beta phase so we would be happy to call everyone interested in SF and dystopian future to visit us at We tried to create something different and interesting and here is what you can expect to find taken from the features:

never seen before combat system with hand drawn pictures representing character actions
100+ melee and range weapons including assault rifles, katanas, missile launchers, Tesla rods and many other categories
40+ armors including light assassin armors, medium sentinel armors, heavy power armors and more
100+ belt items, headgears and gadgets including pyro grenades, stimpacks, holo-projectors, jetpacks,...
5 abilites, 10 skills and 70+ perks to customize your character as he/she levels up
use stealth, psionics, hacking and other skills to defeat your enemies or complete missions
dozens of corporate missions divided in combat, covert, tech and social categories
different locations as MedTech, Symbiotic Church, Casino, Black Market and others
20+ achievements to improve your character even more
form syndicate with other players and fight with your team for control over the city

And few screenshots, you can find more at the front page:

Game is free to play with optional premium bonuses (xp boost, stamina replenish,...). We would like to hear your suggestions and we hope that together we can create game fun to play. Happy gaming everyone!
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