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Određen forumom Microsoft (posts teaser for) Office 2010

Microsoft has posted a teaser site for Office 2010, treating the next productivity suite like a forthcoming movie.
(Credit: CNET)
Much like studios do with movies that are still months from hitting the theaters, Microsoft is looking to generate some advance buzz for the next version of Office.
The company has posted a movie trailer that teases Office 2010 and last week added a "behind the scenes" video that pokes fun at recent leaks of the product onto the Internet (and the fact that some leaked versions also came with a virus).

The "actor" being interviewed on camera likens the leaked preview to him being seen without his make-up and with a virus all over his face.
Microsoft quietly launched the site in April and the company says it is getting lots of hits and sign-ups, though it isn't offering any numbers.
On the site is also a button to sign up for a technical preview of Office, which is slated to begin next month. For those who want an earlier peek, we posted a ZDNet Australia screenshot gallery that comes from the leaked version.
Screenshots: Office 2010 technical preview leaked

The final version of Office 2010 isn't due until next year. Among the major changes with Office 2010 is the fact that it will also come with a collection of browser-based Office Web Applications that let Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote run from within Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

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