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Kakav review

Spoiler za BT-W2:
Beware what you connect. Your devices sign their names in blood.

Connecting to the Creative BT-W2 is like a deal with the devil: easy to get started, impossible to get out of. Literally. There is no way to unpair a device from the BT-W2, once you’ve paired them. “Not a problem,” you might think. “Surely in an age when USB ports are designed to send a charge even while the console/computer is asleep, and fancy chips in our headphones/speakers let us switch sources with ease, it’ll work out!” My poor, naive hypothetical-person, you would be mistaken. The BT-W2 is both possessive and aggressive. As long as it’s getting power, it will constantly hunt down the devices on its list. Even if the source is in sleep mode. In the case of the Switch, even if the console is removed from the dock. And if you dare connect with any other sources, it will kick them out of its way to deliver its nothingness unto you. You belong to the BT-W2 now. The only way you will ever be free again is to remove it completely. But it’s comfortable, and convenient, so you keep going back. All you have to do is always remember to unplug it - it’s just a small problem in an otherwise great relationship. You think you can handle the fear. But the BT-W2 is patient. You will relax, it will not; you will sleep, it will not. If you forget even once, if you forget even a little, it will find you and it will punish you for your hubris. And those pairing noises are really loud when you’re trying to sleep.

In short, if you plan to use your headphones/speakers with more than one device in your home, I’d suggest a different Bluetooth transmitter. If you plan to use it with a computer, it might be able to override the behavior with its own settings. It’s your risk to take. Good luck, and may God have mercy on your soul.
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