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Određen forumom Re: Gothic (remake)

Facebook suggested me an article about THQ Nordic response to how Playable Teaser was received. Here's the full article (in Polish), unfortunately no sources were listed, but they seem to be pretty confident about what they are talking about. For those of you who don't know Polish, here are the major things:

It's still uncertain, whether the projet will be finished, but THQ plans on creating another prototype, acknowledging all the feedback they got. Reception of that one will probably pivot on their commitment to full game.

Combat system will be changed, as it was the most criticized thing.

Graphics will be changed, many people commented that it's too bright and colorful.

Scene with Bullit hitting Nameless Hero in the beginning will be back. Entire beginning will be rebuilt accordingly, no snappers, etc.

No collaboration with Piranha Bytes will be formed. They are currently busy with their own project and the only remaining member from the team working on original Gothic is Björn Pankratz.

It is possible that original music will come back. THQ has rights to it and Kai Rosenkranz isn't currently signed with any gaming company, so there shouldn't be any problem if there came to agreement between them. On a personal note - I'd love it so much. Also Kai seems to like his old Gothic work, so I think the ball is on THQ's side.

German version will probably have some recurring voice actors, but not all of them (understandable, some years have passed). As for other language version it'll probably come to local publishers.
If all of this is true (once again, no sources are given in the article), I'm soo hyped for the remake.
Nista potrvrdjeno, ali je source navodno pouzdan.
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