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Određen forumom AMD's next gen of dual-core flagship graphics card coming by the end of this year

Just got words that AMD will release a new generation of dual-core flagship graphics card by the end of this year, replacing the current top-end Radeon HD 5970.

We have confirmed that AMD's next generation graphics card "Southern Islands (SI)" will come in October or November. The optimization still employs the "small die size" strategy - performance first, then dual-core.

Radeon HD 5970 has been in the market for 10 months, occupying the throne of single card without any competition, which is extremely rare in the graphics card market. nVidia GF10x series still have not taken the mainstream and low-end market yet, and the rumoured GF104 based dual-core model is still just rumour. It looks like AMD does not intend to give the rival any time to breath, and thus Radeon HD 5970 might complete its lonely life without a challenger.

Due to the cancellation of TSMC 32nm process, and the long way to GlobalFoundries 28nm process, SI will still be based on 40nm process, with little change in architecture, which is an enhanced version of Evergreen. It is reported that SI will support the latest HDMI and UVD-Eyefinity technology, supporting ultra-high resolution video playback.
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