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15. juna izlazi Early Access verzija igre Fire & Maneuver. U pitanju je turn-based strategija smeštena na evropski kontinent u drugoj polovini XIX veka, tj. doba Napoleonovih osvajanja i sl. Igru rade likovi koji stoje iza YT kanala The Armchair Historian (ako volite vojnu istoriju, obavezan subscribe).

Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Take command of the greatest armies of Europe and beyond, and marvel as your troops develop through the Early and Late Periods of gameplay.

Second French Empire
A well-balanced and versatile force with a bevy of units to choose from, including the highly durable Foreign Legion… but beware your foes’ superior numbers and quality of artillery.

North German Confederation
Formerly the Kingdom of Prussia, this new nation boasts strong commanders who lead a patchwork of well-armed units from across the German States, from Bavarian and Württemberg infantry to the dreaded Krupp artillery… but beware the short range of your fast-firing rifles and the danger this poses to your men.

British Empire
Rigorously drilled infantry lay down punishing volleys, and the famed Highlander infantry from Scotland can repel any foolish enough to charge their lines… but beware the cost of your units, the highest in the game.

Russian Empire
Draw upon weight of numbers and the zeal of your soldiers to sweep the enemy from the field, with aggressive columns of infantry while the feared Cossack Cavalry flank behind enemy lines… but beware losing control of your men in the heat of battle.

Ottoman Empire
Fill the battlefield with your forces comprising a seemingly endless tide of militiamen, including the bizarre “Bashi Bazouks”, known in the West as “The Crazy Heads”… but beware the lack of discipline endemic to Ottoman armies.

Austrian Empire
Find the balance between two forces in one army, including expert skirmishers to engage your opponent at long range… but beware this sole advantage becoming a liability as the fight draws closer and closer.

Kingdom of Italy
Nationalism allows you to draw on expert mountain troops and political paramilitaries both… but beware your specialized troops’ lack of professionalism.
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