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Cool Re: Scythe unveils the Chouriki 2 power supply family

Scythe Chouriki 2 650W PSUs get 80Gold Plus rating

Scythe EU has now proudly announced that the 650W Chouriki 2 power supply and its modular version (Chouriki 2 Plug-In), which were released in July bearing an 80Plus Silver rating, have been certified to be in compliance with the 80Plus Gold rating (>87% efficiency).

The 'golden' units also comply with the ATX 12V Version 2.3 and EPS 12V standards, use high-quality 105°C Japanese capacitors, have sleeved cables, are cooled off by a 135mm Kama Flex fan (working at up to 1350 RPM), and are backed by a five-year warranty.

The Chouriki 2 650W and Chouriki 2 650W Plug-In PSUs cost €91.50 / $121 and €99 / $132, respectively.
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