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Određen forumom Next Stops On Intel Chip Roadmap

Chatter about 2008-2009 Intel processors, particularly of the Nehalem variety, is getting louder--and some of it is emanating from Japan's PC Watch, which has posted a plethora of data on upcoming Intel chips. The Havendale silicon appears targeted at the mobile space--which makes sense since it integrates the GPU (graphics processing unit) into the CPU core, about which Intel has talked openly this year. Other highlights include high-end chips boasting 8 CPU cores with 24MB of cache (which Intel has also addressed) and integrated memory controllers galore. It should be mentioned up front that the accuracy of the data cannot be verified because Intel will not comment on future roadmaps and some of the discussions on PC Watch appear to be conjecture and/or extrapolation. No to mention the fact that roadmaps change.
Mainstream Dual-Core Havendale/Auburndale: mobile Nehalem-based Havendale/Auburndale. Integrated GPU core. Two CPU cores with a shared 4MB cache connected, via a Quick Path Interconnect (QPI), to a Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH), then to the GPU packing a DDR3 memory controller. Also: Thermal Design Power (TDP) under 95 watts (W), PCI Express Gen2 x16.
Octo-Core Nehalem-EX (Beckton): 8 CPU cores, 16 threads, 24MB shared cache, 90/105/130W TDP, 4 QPI links, QPI link controller, integrated memory controller.
Extreme-Performance Bloomfield: 4 CPU cores, 8 threads, 8MB shared cache, 130W TDP, DDR3, QPI link.
Quad-Core DP (dual-processor) Nehalem-EP (Gainestown): 4 CPU cores, 8 threads, 8MB shared cache, 60/80/130W TDP, DDR3 800/1066/1333 (memory), QPI link, integrated memory controller.
Performance Mainstream Quad-Core Lynnfield/Clarkfield: 4 CPU cores, 8 threads, 8MB shared cache, 95W, DDR3, PCI Express Gen2, integrated memory controller.
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