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Da osvezimo temu - predstavljam vam svih 8 igrivih Old Ones, zajedno sa par ilustracija nekoliko agenata koje mozete regrutovati tokom svoje misije potlacenja sveta.

Spoiler za slike:
Old Ones:

Limos, Shadow of Creation
An injustice forgotten, a hate without meaning. Pervert the living, rend your children, and bring this nightmare to an end.

Azlan, In Will Unbound
In the Dreamlands a formless legend lurks, a memory of evil thought destroyed. No hell would take it's immortal soul and now it dreams with gods and horrors.

Karth, the Form of Fury
They wait, persecuted, driven into dark forests and deep caves. They wait, eager, for their blood burns as omens fall. They wait, as the drums of war begin to beat. Their God comes again.

Seraph, Glory of Shadow
Whispers spread of an ancient path that daring pilgrims tread, to the home of an Old God who will take us from our sins. In dark times one must turn to the only light left.

Sisyphus, Man's Lament
A Fate-borne promise of an age without horror, but in chaos he stumbled. Without support he fell. Ours was the failing, but on his shoulders judgement fell.

Moloch, Rumblings in the Deep
In the deep a cancerous heart begins to beat. The world has long been without it's steward and has strayed down unfamiliar paths, but all can be undone. The world can be perfect again.

Belial, the Shadow Prince
Schemes drip down to a shadowed throne, lies echo in its black chambers. A soothing relief for the dead thing that lays there, a broken lord of the wretched.

Inatha, The Wings of Winter
"Fear the mountains for the words that they speak, fear the snows for the horrors they keep, fear in ice the ancient's deceit."


The First

The First is one of The Twins, among the most powerful of Agents you can recruit. She, along with her brother, is from the Age of Legends. Considered the most promising of brilliant minds of her time she was groomed to lead the world into an even greater Age - but it was not to be. Consumed by sibling rivalry they tore the world apart, only as the glory of humanity burnt out did the remaining sages seal them away.

Choosing to recruit The First will unfortunately place you at odds with The Dreadnaught as their rivalry continues anew. However, proper use of her considerable powers can make all the difference if the Alliance is threatening to form. She excels at political intrigue and is one of the most powerful casters in the game. You'll need to decide if she is worth making such a powerful enemy for.

The Seeker

Before the Fall, in the Age of Horrors, Heroes rose to battle the Old Ones - but their numbers were limited and their mortality telling. One amongst them, wisest of his kind, learned that Heroes need not be born.... they can be made.

The Seeker was a Sage in the time of the Old Ones who saw in the long struggle for freedom that the nature of Truth was Power. His search consumed him, first the willing and the brave gave of themselves but it was in the innocent that the Seeker found the sharpest blade. Instrumental to the Old One's defeat, his atrocities came to light and he was sealed away by the those he saved.

The Seeker is a mid/late Agent who is not to be trifled with - to recruit him you must first exhume his tomb and then break the Ancient Seals that bind him to the past. He is a powerful caster who excels at infiltration and battle magic with a Scheme that further diversifies his role. Use it to augment your Agents and Units or find the weak, spiteful, and envious mortals of the world and offer them True Power. Surely, it doesn't come with a price?

The Baron

The Prophet

A tu je i fantastican, atmosfericni soundtrack koji mozete preslusati ovde -

Igra izlazi Juna meseca ove godine.

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