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Men Of War II will return to the series’ roots to rebuild and redefine real-time strategy gameplay. The new Front Line mechanic is the bedrock of exciting dynamic encounters, where the push-and-pull of each skirmish directly affects territory borders. Players will manage attritional battles and break through undefended lines to advance the areas of maps under control, digging trenches and supporting troops in newly won territory.
“Assume greater command of the battlefield with the enhanced Direct Vision feature to focus solely on one unit at any time and upgrade, change, or repair equipment on the fly. Level the theater of war with powerful armor and artillery capable of destroying buildings and weapon emplacements, while choosing from an arsenal including 45 battalions and more than 300 vehicles, all painstakingly designed with complete historical accuracy.”
The story will have two story campaigns, playable in single-player or up to five-player online co-op. In these campaigns, commanders will engage in battle on both the Western and Eastern Fronts. Players can take control of the courageous Allied Forces pushing their way through a devastated France. Additionally, they will control the steadfast Soviets defending their lands from the menacing Third Reich army.
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