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Određen forumom Vrste virusa i šta koji radi

A2KM-Access 2000 macro virus

A97M-Access 97 macro virus

AM- access 95 macro virus

AOL-Trojan horse in America online environment .it`s usually designed to steal AOL passwords

BAT-batch file threats

Backdoor-threats allowing unauthorised access to computers on the internet

DDoS-A distributed Denial of Service attack.It attempts to flood an internet site with traffic from multiple machines on the net

DoS-Denial of service attack

HLLC-High level Language Companion viruses,usually DOS-based which create a companion file to the virus in order to spread

HLLO-High Level Language Overwriting viruses usually DOS-based .They overwrite host files with the virus code

HLLP-High level language.Parasitic viruses usually DOS Based .They attach themeselve to the host files .

HTML-Viruses that attack HTML files.

IRC-threats spread via IRC (internet relay chat)

JS-Attacks written in JavaScript

JAVA-attack written in java.

Linux-attack targeted at linux-based system

O2KM-Microsoft office 2000 macro virus

O97M-office 97 macro virus

OM-office macro virus

PWSTEAL-Password -stealing-trojan horse

PALM-Attacks targeted at palm based devices

Trojan/Troj-Trojan horse instead of replicating like viruses they masquerage as regular programs .while doing something nefarious in the background

UNIX-Attacks targeted at unix based systems

VBS-Viruses written in Visual Basic Script

W2KM-Word 2000macro virus

W32-Viruses targeted at all 32-bit version of windows (all versions from windows 95on)

W95-Attacks targeted at windows 95machines (which may also affect other windows systems especially win98 and winme)

W97M-word 97macro virus

W98-attacks targeted at windows 98 systems

WM-word macro virus

WNT-Attacks targeted at windows NT system

WIN-Attacks targeted at windows 3.X

X2KM-Excel 2000 macro viruses

X98M-Excel 97 macro viruses

XF-Excel formula viruses (built on Excel 4 formulea embedded in newer versions of Excel)

XM-Excel 95 macro virus


Standard virus suffixes include

@M-virus or worm that propagates via e mail

@MM-virus or worm that propagates by mass emailing

Dr-A dropper it`s capable of crating and dropping a virus onto a system but it is not detectable as a virus itself
Family-a virus which shared most of its characteristics with other familiar viruses

GEN-similar to family

INT-A filied virus.The virus is INTended to spread,but doesn`t due to bugs in its desing.

WORM-A worm that propagates across a network or via another transport mechanism.
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