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Anshar Studios has announced a new new story-driven, cyberpunk-themed, adaptive RPG, called Gamedec. According to the press release, Gamedec is based around a private detective who solves crimes committed in virtual game worlds.

In Gamedec, decisions are important, and the game world constantly adapts to them and to the hero. According to the developers, your decisions will change the protagonist as the story progresses. The consequences of choices made, like in “real” life, can be immediate, long-term, or hidden – the latter most often surfacing at unexpected moments. Regardless of the decisions made, however, the game always remains neutral towards them. It’s up to the player to evaluate them, bearing in mind the saying “you are the sum of your choices.”

The studio’s new game returns to the foundations of the RPG genre by adding Deduction, Codex, and Aspects mechanics to allow for complex discussions, Players will create or expose networks of intrigues and conspiracies, while discovering unusual relationships between virtual worlds. Gamedec’s paper-based RPG mechanics will also give players the freedom to approach things from multiple
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