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Jeste soccer gaming.
A sta ce biti:
* 2010 - South Africa Championship : Teams, Stadiums, Real Fixtures etc. (50%)
* Gameplay Refinements : Improved defending, passing, shooting, team-play working, ball physics, collision between the players. (50%)
* Graphic Enhancements : Top-Quality turfs, adboards, goalposts, untucked shirts, crowds, skies and so on. (25%)
* New Interface : WC 10 Pop-Ups, Scoreboard, Menus, Console Version Soundtrack. (25%)
* More than 200 National Teams: High-Quality kits, minikits, faces, minifaces, logos, banners, rosters, home stadiums, specific crowds etc. (50%)
* New International Referees (0%)
* Improved commentary callnames and stadiums intro : Now, the commentators will know match by match and day by day on which stadiums you'll take your team to the glory on South Africa 2010 World Cup Championship. (100%)
* New cinematics (100%)
* Exe Installer, which allows you even to make a dedicate folder for this mode, you being able then to play basically a new game ONLY with National Teams, which means you'll have to play Friendlies, WC Championship Qualifiers & Final Tourney and improving your player skills using Practice Arena dedicated feature.Also, IT'S POSSIBLE to make a new mode called "Be the Captain of your Country" using Be a Pro core engine. (10%)

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