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Mislim da je vreme da svi koji nisu odigrali igru konacno odigraju:

- 20+ New locations;
- 40+ New unique characters;
- 20+ New quests;
- Several kinds of new enemies including two types with unique AI behavior;
- Added new AI tweaking support for modders;
- Several new random encounters;
- New craft armor made out of chitin;
- New combat armor and spiked “Hedgehog” helmet;
- Throwing weapons, both custom and common;
- One new firearm and a special melee weapon;
- New global map for the metro;
- New hazards, including a radioactive sandstorm;
- New animations;
- New loading screen art;
- New sounds and effects;
- Several usable items can now be used multiple times from main slots without entering the inventory menu;
- Dzhulbars has an ability to speak in certain conditions;
- Stun works on enemies that were immune to it;
- Other new minor gameplay enhancing features;
- All of the bugs from the older version found by the testing team and the players are now fixed.

Igra mi je bolja od Wasteland 2 koji nije bio uopste los. Cak stavise, Atom RPG mi je posle Fallout 2 najbolji postapokalipticni cRPG. Velika preporuka.
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