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Lightbulb Brutal Legend

Posle četiri godine od fantastičnih Psychonauts-a, Tim Šafer se vraća na velika vrata. Nova igra se zove Brutal Legend i za izdavača je uzet EA. Ovo će verovatno izazvati loša predviđanja, ali treba imati na umu da Psychonauts (koji su meni jedna od najboljih igara) i pored pozitivnih kritika imali manju prodaju od grejalica u Keniji (što je, verujte mi na reč, malo ). EA bi trebalo da reši problem marketinga, a u kreativnost Tima i njegove ekipe ne sumnjamo:

Brütal Legend is a third person action/adventure game that uses an open world that Tim Schafer has described as being approximately 64 km2. in area. The player controls the protagonist Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black), a roadie that finds himself in the fantasy world of heavy metal. Eddie acquires three tools that are used for combat and transportation: a broad axe called "The Separater", his Flying V guitar "Clementine" from his own world which has the ability to cast magic spells in the heavy metal world, and a hot rod that Eddie builds called "The Deuce". Upgrades to these tools will be found about the world to give them new moves or abilities. These tools can be used in combination with each other to take out Eddie's foes; for example, the player can use Clementine to create pyrotechnics to launch a foe into the air and follow up by attack it with the Seperater. In a case of a specific boss fight, the player must use the Deuce to lure the boss to a spot, and then play the "Earthshaker" song on Clementine to bring down weights. There is reportedly about 23 main missions in the story with 30 side missions that the player can optionally take. The player will also be able to find real metal songs, selected by Schafer for the game, that can be played on the Deuce's radio once collected.

During the game, the player will meet several allies for Eddie. Each ally will have a special co-op move they can perform with Eddie; for example, Eddie's first ally, Ophelia, can be tossed at foes by Eddie in the style of the Fastball Special. Eddie is also able to control squads, and order them to perform certain tasks, such as having a group of headbangers use their headbanging to destroy statues.

The game will have a multiplayer mode, which as described by Schafer as "your typical head-to-head, battle of the bands scenario. But with axes."

Igra izlazi u oktobru, a detalje i trailer-e pogledajte na zvaničnom sajtu.
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