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Nier: Automata

What is Nier: Automata?

The original Nier is a very unique action RPG that struck a chord with many passionate gamers when it came out five years ago. The story revolves around the main protagonist Nier as he searches for a cure for his daughter who is infected with the Black Scrawl virus, a seemingly incurable disease.
To this day, gamers around the world still talk about Nier fondly and the soundtrack and design book are still selling so there’s clearly something special about it. If you haven’t played the original Nier, do try and track down a copy because it has one of the most memorable and emotional casts, stories, and music in recent memory.

Nier: Automata is the next game in the Nier franchise and it’s a collaboration between Square Enix and PlatinumGames. You probably recognize PlatinumGames’ distinct action style in the gameplay trailer but if you look closely, you’ll be able to spot gameplay elements from the original Nier as well. It’s still an action RPG so don’t worry if you want more RPG mechanics in the game, they’re still there!
What is the story in Nier: Automata?

Earth has suddenly been invaded by beings from another planet and mechanical life forms with overwhelming power were used as weapons of war which forced mankind to flee to the moon. In order to take back the earth, a resistance force of android warriors has been created by humanity to fight these invaders.

The world that you see in Nier: Automata is one where androids and mechanized weapons clash in ferocious combat in a barren and deserted wasteland. It’s set after the original game but the story is written in a way which means you don’t have to have played the first one.
sure to try my best to answer them in the comments.

Nier je tako ****** dobra igra bila. I nazalost, tako ****** potcenjena od strane javnosti. Studio koji je pravio Nier je ubrzo zatvoren, a u medjuvremenu je igra postala praci cult classic. Kada je Nier u pitanju, ljudi su ili "meh" ili seku vene.

I ladno je sad neko okupio izvorni kreativni tim, i stavio im Platinum Games na raspolaganje. Po arsinima zapadnog RPGa, taman ko da je neko okupio celokupnu kreativnu ekipu koja je radila V:TM Bloodline, i stavila im Bioware pod komandu. Zivot je lep danas.
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