Prikaži potpunu verziju : Open Office virus discovered

Predrag Stankovic
22.5.2007, 18:10
He znao sam da neshto nije u redu sa ovim paketom e evo sta:

22.5.2007, 18:52
"This is old-school malware - seemingly written to show off a proof of concept rather than a serious attempt to spy on and steal from computer users. A financially motivated hacker would have targeted more widely used software and not incorporated such a bizarre image. This is not a piece of malware which we expect to see spreading in the wild, despite its use of a photograph of unusual wildlife."


23.5.2007, 8:08
The dropped XChat and mIRC scripts are used to replicate and distribute the virus, and they initiate DCC transfers to others of the original badbunny.odg OpenOffice file.

From what I can tell, the Linux version (not sure about Mac OS yet) requires a user to put the "x" bit on the perl file. Not only that, but you must also have perl *and* xChat installed.

Izvor: http://apcmag.com/6162/first_openoffice_virus_emerges